Wholegrain Toast

In the whole grain aisle, the toast should not be missing, but not just one to carry a spread! The first attempts to make a toast bread out of pure wholegrains were not exactly great. The treat came with a… weiterlesen

Berliner Wholegrain Bread

For a long time I believed that a weak dough would be sufficient to aid in a long shelf life, but I was wrong on this point. Soakers and Scalds are an absolute must in preparation of wholemeal and wholegrain… weiterlesen

North Frisian Bread

Whole grain and whole meal breads belong among the highest art of baking and it is precisely these types of bread that will be featured on the blog in the coming weeks and months. Whole grain and meal will be… weiterlesen

Power Grain

The recipe I present today is ideal as a base for various finger foods. Whether meat, cheese or vegetables – this hearty and tender bread will be loved by many! Thanks to its distinctive, aromatic and stable crumb, the bread… weiterlesen

König Ludwig

Masterclass König Ludwig Dinkel – ein besonderes Getreide? Wir decken auf: Geschmackliche Unterschiede durch zwei verschiedene Triebführungen: Dinkelsauer vs. Königsdisziplin Detmolder-Drei-Stufen-Roggensauer Achtung: Wer Fragen zum Dinkel stellt, die im Text bereits beantwortet sind, wird öffentlich verunglimpft! Also: erst… weiterlesen