Pumpkin Rolls

I baked this recipe for the magazine “BROTpro” and after a short break I am publishing it here in the blog. The pumpkin cheese rolls are made from a soft, mixed wheat dough. I created two different dough possibilities for… weiterlesen

Sweet Burek

Since there is already a burek recipe on the blog, the sweet version should also be covered as well. Actually, the sweet version can be compared with our apple strudel, but I think the idea to roll it into a… weiterlesen


I first discovered burek on a holiday in Croatia. I was standing in astonishment and gawking in the back courtyard of a small bakery in order to watch burek being made. I was already aware that the dough had to… weiterlesen

Wholegrain Baguette

The question arises again and again: age the flour- yes or no? From my side a resounding YES – these doughs can take on more water, develop into better dough, have more stability,… thus only advantages come from giving milled… weiterlesen

Wholegrain Toast

In the whole grain aisle, the toast should not be missing, but not just one to carry a spread! The first attempts to make a toast bread out of pure wholegrains were not exactly great. The treat came with a… weiterlesen

Wheat Sourdough Bread

Who doesn’t like a simple, failproof sourdough wheat bread for everyday! Prepare your sourdough in the morning, knead the main dough in the evening, and bake the loaves the following morning.  In order to achieve a strong sourdough, we mix… weiterlesen

La Gâche

This is where the “Art of Baking” really comes into focus! What can I say? I didn’t want to do plaits, buttons, and I just couldn’t look at another pan loaf, but I didn’t expect for the first try to… weiterlesen

Baguette Weizensauer vs. Poolish

Masterclass Baguette  Vergleich zweier klassischer Baguetterezepte  Die Gräben der Trennung sind tief – die Erkenntnis, was bestes, traditionell französisches Baguette sein kann und was als Baguette in Österreich/Deutschland verkauft – oder was von Backenden (Profis & Hobbybäckern) dafür gehalten wird,… weiterlesen

Französisches Landbrot mit 2-Stufen Weizensauer

In meiner Vergangenheit hatte ich schon mehrmals versucht, ausschließlich mit dem französischen Steinmühlenmehl T80 ein reines Weizensauerteigbrot ohne Zusatz von Backhefe herzustellen. Gescheitert sind solche Tests immer wieder an einer zu kräftigen Säure im Sauerteig! Die starke Säure vom Sauerteig… weiterlesen