17th International Bread Competition 2016

The break prior to Easter was not much of a break really. On the 5th-7th of April 2016, the best master bakers in the country and Europe assembled in Linz. Around 1300 breads, proprietary recipes, pastries and showpieces were managed for the 17th International Bread Competition 2016.

Participation was divided into the following categories:

Category 1: Normal bread

(rye bread, mixed rye bread, mixed wheat bread), Loaves, tin breads, free shaped and baked together, toppings allowed

Category 2: White bread

For example,  Sandwich loaves, Baguettes, Zeppelin, bread for sandwiches (Canapés), Toast bread

Category 3: Small rolls made from rye and wheat flours, meals, and seeds of all kinds

For example, kaiser rolls, salzstangerl, Mohnstriezerl, Vintschgerl, seed rolls, Mürbes, pretzel rolls and similar.

Category 4: Small pastries with or without (sweet) fillings, individual portions

For example,  brioche (e.g. Knöpfe, small flaked pasties), Danish pastries (e.g. Topfengolatschen, Zimtschnecken), Croissants, Butter crescents, nut rolls

Category 5: Fine Baked Goods

Striezel, Christ- or Adventstollen, other unfilled yeasted cakes and filled baked goods made from enriched yeast dough and made from laminated dough, for example, poppy seed strudel, nut strudel

Category 6: Breads of special texture, breads rich in plant fibers, individual bread creations

For example, Graham bread, Germ bread, breads with oily seeds, whey bread, bread made with potato, Steinmetz bread, wholegrain/meal bread, fruit breads, Vorschussbrot, reduced sodium bread, fiber enriched bread, Pumpernickel, breads for particular nutritional requirements (e.g diabetic bread)

Category 7: Baked Snacks and Fingerfood

Bakes with savory filling, snacks, flat breads, bars, etc. 

Category 8: Party breads

Creativity and usability as well as artistic design and technical execution are assessed here. The entire product (including all aids) must be edible.

Category 9: Show piece

Particular emphasis is placed on usability, creativity and professional execution.

Category 10: Themed show piece – „France, Here we Come“ – Football European Championship 2016

Particular emphasis is placed on usability, creativity and professional execution.

“Of course, if you wanted to compete for the overall victory, you had to take part in all categories!”

In order to capture the competition in pictures, I have put together some photo galleries for you. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I was unable to take photos of everything, but the following pictures show around 35% of the exhibits sent in.

A small portion of the entries at the competition

The showpieces that had to be submitted were a great challenge for me. The planning and test baking began weeks earlier. However, the best ideas only emerged when baking, because sometimes you have an idea for something that could not be fully implemented.

Since the submitted exhibits had to be handed in at a certain point in time, the show pieces had to be produced in advance. However, each showpiece required a working time of around 8 hours (not including the countless attempts that ended up in the trash can).

One of the worst moments in this competition was when two showpieces broke! These broke shortly before they were transported and therefore had to be repaired again.

Showpieces in production

Showpieces finished and ready for display

A total of 47 exhibits were submitted and awarded the following rating:

  • 36 x Gold
  • 6 x Silver
  • 4 x Bronze

This goldenvictory was enough to take 1st place in the overall ranking at the 17th international bread competition.

At this point I would like to especially thank my family. It is you all that keep me unburdened for my work and experiments in the bakery – THANK YOU Daniela.

Another thanks goes to Schelli, who constantly supplies me with the best raw materials from his online shop Bongu . The competition has confirmed to me how important it is to use only the best ingredients to get the best quality.

Here also a big compliment to the Forstnermühle, which provides us with the best quality flour in the bakery every day.

Finally, I have to thank my boss Patrick, who allows me to experiment as I please in his bakery.

Thanks, Dietmar