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17th International Bread Competition 2016

The break prior to Easter was not much of a break really. On the 5th-7th of April 2016, the best master bakers in the country and Europe assembled in Linz. Around 1300 breads, proprietary recipes, pastries and showpieces were managed… weiterlesen

  • 01.05.2016

Europain 2014

Paris Trip and Convention 2014: Oh yes, there was still the convention, which is why we are really here. I had remembered the convention to be much bigger in the past, but the dying out of bakers is probably also… weiterlesen

  • 19.03.2014

Artisan Boulanger Ridha Khadher

Paris Trip and Convention 2014: That was my second place of pilgrimage in Paris, the “Au Paradis du Gourmand” (paradise for those with a sweet tooth). In 2013, Ridha Khadher won the annual competition for the best baguette. Whoever wins… weiterlesen

  • 16.03.2014

The Wood Oven Baker “Poilâne”

Paris Trip and Convention 2014:  Our first stop was to the wood-fired bakery “Poilâne” in the 8 rue de Cherche-Midi. The founder of this bakery was Pierre Poilâne, who came to Paris from Normandy in 1932 to open his first… weiterlesen

  • 13.03.2014

We’re Goin to Europain 2014

Hello all! I’ll be out of town with Schelli from March 8th to 12th, so I can’t answer any comments during this time! We are going to Europain 2014 in Paris and… weiterlesen

  • 08.03.2014