About this Blog

Dietmar Kappl

Master Baker, Production Director, & Blogger

I discovered my passion for baking bread at a very young age. At only 14 years old, I asked our local baker if I could help out a bit in his bakery during the holidays. The next day the alarm clock rang at 2 a.m. and shortly afterwards I was standing in his bakery full of enthusiasm.

From then on it was all over to me. I knew from this first lesson that I would learn this wonderful craft!

Today- even after so many years- I want to share my knowledge and experience and so I devote some of my free-time to this blog.

The bread and pastries that I bake require a lot of time and patience. I give back to the dough what it once always had, that is to say, “time to mature”!

I thank my family for their support, understanding, and especially for the fact that I can so intensely pursue my Hobby – my Vocation- and my passion!

I hope you enjoy reading and even more so, joy with baking!

Yours, Dietmar!

Manfred Schellin

“Bread brother” and proprietor of bon’gu

Mastery makes the difference!

Dietmar combines aspiration and aesthetic with expertise. His in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of baking is immense and has only grown thanks to this blog. Through an international friendship, an appreciation of good and honest craftsmanship brings together a know-how that would take a single baker the equivalent of many man-hours to achieve. The aim is to build a unique, high-quality knowledge platform that impresses with its practical relevance and, due to the high degree of networking with international teaching institutes, also shares well-founded theory. The driving force in his ambition is that the baked goods that leave the bakery tomorrow will be better than those baked today. 

You are invited to share in this knowledge and to contribute to it with this community of like-minded people. 

Dietmar is happy to be able to answer questions and he appreciates it when, before a question is formulated, one has looked into it himself and then presents it in a way that helps the community to bake better bread. Good questions make the content of the blog more valuable and show respect to the creators of the blog and the readers. 

Why has Dietmar won so many (often international) bread competitions?

Because it is not arrogance but humility that shape his aspirations. Humility and the willingness to direct the dough. Not to push, but to pull is the motto of life. 

A guy whose enthusiasm can carry you away!

Patrick Reichl

Managing Director of REICHL BROT

“Why is Didi giving away our bread recipes, our Art of Baking?”

That was my Father’s question when we shared with him that we were publishing our bread recipes on the blog. But we know that everyone can bake good bread if they have the necessary basic knowledge, the time and passion. Didi passes on his experiences, but you have to take the time to do it yourself!

We want to motivate you to bake good bread yourself, but when you just don’t have time, you know that you can find some here!