BREAD Baker? Sure, but why!

I discovered my passion for baking bread at a very young age. Only 14 years old, I asked our local baker if I could help out a bit in his bakery during the holidays. The next day the alarm clock rang at 2 a.m. and shortly afterwards I was standing in his bakery full of enthusiasm.

From then on it was all over to me. I knew from the first lesson that I would learn this wonderful craft!

Today- even after so many years- I want to share my knowledge and experience and I devote some of my free-time to this blog.

The bread and pastries that I bake require a lot of time and patience. I give back to the dough what it once always had, that is to say, “time to mature”!

I thank my family for their support, understanding, and especiaclly for the fact that I can so intensely pursue my Hobby – my Vocation- and my passion!

I hope you enjoy reading and even more so joy with baking!

Yours, Dietmar!