The mixing ratio of the flour in this recipe is 38% rye and 62% wheat. Despite the high proportion of rye flour, the dough can be kneaded very well. In addition, the hobby baker will enjoy the shape of these rolls, because they are easy to shape and when baked, these rolls are a pleasure for young and old.

Of course, the recipe is not set in stone! If you don’t like the caraway, just leave it out and if the bread spice is too intense you can simply replace it with something else, e.g. bread clover, ..


Sourdough (Foundation sour):

  • 55g Rye flour Type 960
  • 35g Water
  •   5g Starter

Hydration(TA): 163 Maturity time: 12 hours     DT: 24-27°C


  •  90g Water 8-10°C
  •  45g Rye flour
  • 0,3g Yeast

Hydration(TA): 300 Maturity time: 20-24 hours in the refrigerator (allow to stand for 1 hour at room temperature first)

Main dough:

  • 135g Mature Poolish
  •   95g Mature sourdough
  • 400g Wheat flour Type 700
  • 130g Rye flour Type 960
  • 220g Cold water
  •    16g Salt
  •    10g Yeast
  •      7g Diastatic Malt- dark
  •      3g Caraway seeds, whole
  •      3g Bread spice


  • Mix all the ingredients slowly for 6 minutes and knead quickly for 3-4 minutes. (Careful: Due to the high rye content the dough can quickly be over kneaded!)
  • After kneading, cover the dough and allow it to mature for 30-45 minutes.
  • Then divide the dough into 50g pieces and shape into round balls. These are placed directly onto a baking tray after shaping (always place two right next to each other)
  • Once ⅔ proofed (45-60 minutes) score as desired and slide into the oven at 245°C with steam. Release the steam after 10 minutes and also turn the oven down to 235°C. Bake until well browned – baking time of about 18 minutes.