• 13.01.2018

Rustic Wheat Sourdough Baguette

After a short blogging break, it’s time to get back to work! The oven’s been staying hot while I’ve been testing out new recipes, but before I publish those, I need to share a forgotten baguette recipe. I developed it for the wheat sourdough course in Weinheim. 

The baguette is made using a 2-stage sourdough. In order to get a powerful oven rise, at least 35% of the total flour used should be in the sourdough. 

To further the crumb’s rustic feel, a seed mixture is prepared alongside the sourdough. You can use your personal favorite “roasted” kernels, but I recommend you throw in a little roasted and finely ground old bread! This addition makes the crumb even more moist and perfectly rounds off the taste.


Wheat sourdough

Stage 1:

  • 100g active raisin water
  • 100g French flour type 65


  • 100g water
  • 100g French flour type 65
  •   10g started

RT: 12 hours     DT: 25-28°C    TA: 200

Stage 2:

  • 200g mature sourdough from Stage 1
  •    75g water
  •    75g French flour type 65

RT: 5-6 hours DT: 25-28°C   TA: 200


  • 75g water 45°C
  • 20g roasted/finely ground old bread 
  •  15g coarse rye meal
  •  15g roasted sunflower seeds
  •  15g roasted flaxseed
  •  10g roasted sesame seeds

Mix ingredients and let soak overnight. 

Main dough:

  • 350g mature wheat sourdough 
  • 150g soaker
  • 325g French flour type 65
  • 160g water (15°C)
  •   20g dark barley malt syrup
  •     3g bread spice

Mix all ingredients for 1-2 minutes and let sit covered for 30 minutes to autolyze.

  •   12g salt


  • Add the salt and mix slowly for seven minutes. Then knead quickly for 2-3 minutes. The dough should cleanly pull away from the side of the mixing bowl. 
  • Place the dough in an oiled tub. 
  • Fold after 50 and 100 minutes. 
  • After a total rise time of 150 minutes, divide the dough into pieces of desired size (4x, each 250g). 
  • Carefully form each piece into a square and roll from top to bottom using tension. Then let the dough rest seamside-down for 15 minutes. 
  • After resting, roll out the preshaped loaves, elongating them. Make sure only the ends of the dough are rolled thin. As soon as your baguettes have reached the desired length, place them seamside-down in a linen cloth.
  • Let proof for 30 minutes and then score the baguettes. Place in the oven at 250°C with strong steam. Baking time for a piece of dough weighing 250g is c. 20 minutes (To get a strong crust, release the steam after half the baking time).