Wheat Sourdough

With wheat sourdough, you are working with lactic acid bacterias instead of yeast. Lactic acid bacteria are added to the wheat sourdough in the form of a starter and thus becomes naturally leavened. Wheat sourdough should always be used once it has reached maturity since otherwise fluctuations in the volume and taste of the baked goods can be expected. 

The souring of wheat flour leads to an improvement in the quality of breads and baked goods. 


  • Rolls 1-10%
  • Baguette/Breads 5-15%
  • Mixed wheat breads 15-20%
    (This percentage always refers to the total amount of flour in the recipe)
  • Amount for a long term process 5%

The softer and warmer the sourdough is, and the higher the type number of the flour, leads to a higher content of lactic acid in the wheat sourdough. 

The lactic acid content also depends on the hydration (TA) and the temperature. Wheat sourdough with a hydration (TA) of 100-125% (200-250) and a temperature of 25-30°C has the highest lactic acid content. Acid formation is complete after 12-16 hours at temperatures above 28°C.

Advantages of wheat sourdough:

In the dough:

  1. Shortens the time the dough needs to rest
  2. Dough is easier to shape
  3. Good fermentation stability

In rolls:

  1. Elastic crumb
  2. Lasting crisp
  3. Full, aromatic flavor

In bread:

  1. Improved shelf life
  2. Better crumb structure
  3. A well-rounded bread flavor

An existing rye sourdough can also be used to prepare wheat sour.

Single stage wheat sourdough process:

  • Hydration (TA) 125% (250)
  • 25°C dough temperature
  • 12-16 hour maturation time
  • 1% starter of the total flour amount in the sourdough

The proportion of sourdough depends on the type of flour:

  • 20% Type 480 /German flour 550
  • 10% Type 700/ German flour 812
  • 5% Type 1600/ German flour 1150

Two stage wheat sourdough process:

When a sourdough is prepared in two stages, you get a more mild, well-rounded bread flavor.

  • Hydration 200% (TA 300) 
  • 25°C dough temperature
  • 15-20 hour maturation time
  • 1% starter of the total flour in the sourdough
  • 5% sourdough flour of the total recipe flour amount

Guide recipe for 2 kg of wheat dough

1st stage: TA 300 / DT 25°C / Maturity time 15-20 hours

  •  5g Starter
  •  100g Wheat flour
  •  200g Water

2nd stage: TA 300 / DT 26-28°C / Maturity time 3 hours

  • 305g 1st sourdough stage
  • 300g Wheat flour
  • 600g Water

Dough: TA 156 / DT 25-26 °C / Dough maturity  2×30 min

  • 1200g Wheat sourdough (set aside the rest for your starter)
  • 1600g Wheat flour
  • 40g Butter / 2%
  • 40g Liquid malt / sugar / 2%
  • 30g Yeast / 1,5%
  • 40g Salt / 2%
  • 360g Water / total TA 156%