Brown Bread is a mixed rye bread that is baked in a bread pan. To get the proper crust cracking on the top it is important to let the bread rise dry. Furthermore, the bread is baked without steam so it should only be placed in the oven once it has fully risen. 

The recipe doesn’t call for yeast and the sourdough is prepared with a 3-stage process. 

Since the 3-stage process is time intensive for many, I give the option also for a 2-stage process. I sort of like the idea of using different sourdoughs in the recipes. Let’s see how you enjoy it!


3-Stage Sourdough

1st Stage- Refresh

  •    4g Starter
  •    7g Rye Flour
  •  11g Water

Hydration(TA): 250   DT: 25-26°C   RT: 5 Hours

2nd Stage- Foundation

  • 22g Refresh sourdough
  •   90g Rye Flour
  •   55g Water

Hydration(TA): 164   DT: 23-27°C   RT: 15-24 Hours

3rd Stage- Full Sour 

  • 167g Foundation sourdough
  • 245g Rye Flour
  • 245g Water

Hydration(TA): 190   DT 30°C   RT: 3 Hours

Or: 2-Stage Sourdough

1st Stage- Foundation 

  •   10g Starter
  • 140g Rye Flour
  •   70g Water

Hydration(TA): 150   DT: 23-27°C  RT: 15-24 Hours

2nd Stage- Full Sour:

  • 220g Foundation sour
  • 210g Rye Flour
  • 210g Water

Hydration(TA): 180   DT: 29-31°C   RT: 3 Hours

Main dough

  • 650g mature sourdough
  • 300g Rye Flour Type 960
  •   80g Rye Flour Type 2500
  • 200g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 120g Wheat Flour Type 1600
  • 430g Water
  •    22g Sea Salt

Mix all of the ingredients on slow speed for 7 minutes until a smooth dough is formed (DT: 29°C). Then let the dough rest in the bowl for 30 minutes. After the dough rest, the dough is divided into two equal-sized pieces and formed into long loaves. 

As mentioned above, the dough should rise dry. Once cracks have formed on the dough can be covered with a tea towel. Since the bread is baked without steam it should be left to fully rise before backing. ( my bread took about 2 hours to rise). 

The bread is baked at 250°C reduced to 200°C / 50 minutes. After this the bread is removed from the pan and placed in the turned-off oven for another 10-15 minutes to finish baking.