Sunflower Bread

Today it is one of the favorite’s from my baking courses- the “sunflower bread”. A moist, open, and seedy bread which will stay fresh for many days. All of the rye flour in the recipe is fermented. To get a slightly acidic note, the rye flour used can be replaced with wholegrain flour. The TA in the sourdough is simply increased from 220 to 230.

The seeds in the scald can be exchanged as desired- according to the motto: Use what you have! The puffed grains can be replaced with cooked grains. In this case I would increase the amount from 40g popped grains to 100g whole grains (cook them in water until soft).


Total Recipe

490gWheat Flour Type 700 / 55075%
160gRye Flour Type 960 / 997 oder 105025%
810gWater 125%
170groasted Sunflower Seeds26%
100gfinely ground and toasted leftover bread15%
90gcrushed Soy Sesame Flax seeds chunks …14%
90gRye or Spelt Flakes14%
40gPuffed grains6%
10gDark Rye Malt1.50%


640gWater 75°C
170gRoasted sunflower seeds
90gCrushed soy nuts
90gRye flakes
100gFinely ground leftover bread

Cover, soak and let hydrate for 2-3 hours.

Sourdough Stage 1 (Foundation Sour)

45gWater 35°C
60gRye flour

Completely dissolve the starter in the water and then stir in the rye flour until lump free. Then let it ripen at room temperature for 10-15 hours. 

Sourdough Stage 2  (Full Sour)

115gMature foundation sour
147gWater 45°C
100gRye flour

Completely dissolve the foundation sour in water then stir in the rye flour until lump free. With a dough temperature of 32°C the full sour will reach maturity with 3 hours of ripening (30°/ 4 hours ripening time  & 28°C/ 5 hours ripening time). Therefore the timing of the full sour maturity is variable and can be adjusted to your daily routine. 

Main Dough

362gMature Full sour
490gWheat flour
40gPuffed grains
10gDark rye malt


  • Mix all ingredients on slow for 7-8 minutes and then knead on fast for 6 minutes. Should the dough appear to be too stiff, warm water can be added.
  • Subsequent 20-30 minute dough rest. 
  • To work up the dough is divided into the desired sizes, formed into rounds and placed in the baking pan. Brush with water and if desired cover with seeds. 
  • Cover and leave to proof. 
  • Final proof approx. 60-75 minutes (with an optional 1% addition of yeast the dough will proof in about 40 minutes).
  • Bake the pan loaves in an oven preheated to 240°C with strong steam.
  • Reduce the oven temperature to 195°C after 5 minutes and robustly bake.
  • With a dough size of 500g the bake time takes about 50-55 minutes. 

ATTENTION: The dough can be made weaker if desired- simply scoop into the baking pan (BRILLIANT !!!)