Spuntino Panini

“Spuntino Panini” – this name will make the connoisseur’s mouth water, because he knows the treat that awaits. In addition to the ingredients flour, water, salt, sourdough, pre-dough and a little yeast, you only need time to create this specialty.

In addition to wheat sourdough and poolish, the following recipe also contains a small splash of olive oil, which contributes to its typical Italian taste.

After the long and cool rise (up to 18 hours), it is important to handle the dough as gently as possible so as to not destroy the large and open crumb structure. 

The dough pieces are first carefully separated with a dough knife then somewhat formed and left to proof. The final proof doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes (preheat the oven in advance). To get a better oven spring, lightly score the bread’s surface before baking. 



  • 250g Wheat flour Type T65
  • 250g Water (25°C)
  •     1g Yeast

Hydration(TA): 200  DT: 20°C / 2 hours at room temperature, then store in the refrigerator for 18-30 hours. 

Wheat sourdough:

  • 100g Wheat flour Type T80 or W1600
  • 100g Water (35°C)
  •      5g Starter

Hydration(TA): 200  DT: 25-28°C  Maturity time: 15-18 hours

Main dough:

  • 501g Mature poolish
  • 205g Mature wheat sourdough
  • 350g Wheat flour T65
  •   50g Semolina (fine) or durum wheat flour
  • 170g Water (20°C)
  •   10g Olive oil
  •   18g Sea salt
  •     2g Yeast

Mixing time: 7-8 min. slow/ 1-2 min. fast   Hydration(TA): 169   DT: 23-25°C


  • Mix the wheat sourdough, poolish, flour, semolina, and water to a homogenous dough and allow to autolyze for 30 minutes. 
  • After the autolyze, add the salt and yeast and mix slowly for 7-8 minutes. After this mixing phase add the olive oil and knead quickly until the dough has completely released from the side of the mixing bowl. 
  • After kneading, place the dough in a lightly oiled dough tub and fold after 25/50 minutes..
  • The finished dough now matures, covered in the refrigerator at 4°C for a minimum of 8 hours/ maximum of 18 hours.
  • To proceed the dough is dusted in the tub with a mixture of flour and semolina and then carefully turned out of the dough tub. 
  • Carefully cut off dough pieces and place onto baking paper. 
  • Let them proof for 20-30 minutes and the score as accustomed. 
  • Bake with strong steam at 250°C.
  • Baking time depends on the size of the dough (14-18 minutes).
  • To get a strong and long-lasting crust, release the steam after 10 minutes!