This half-white bread is a mixed wheat bread where the wheat content is 50%. The shelf life of mixed wheat breads are increased with the addition of rye. 

In order to achieve an intensive flavor in the bread, the rye portion of light mixed wheat breads is often 100% acidified. So for this recipe I decided to acidify all of the rye flour. 

With the following recipe you can also use a wheat pre-dough. The bulk water amount and wheat flour content in the main dough must be adjusted accordingly. If you would like, you can substitute milk for a portion of the bulk liquid. 

The dough was also only kneaded briefly (5 minutes slowly and 4 minutes quickly). The 2 x 45 minutes dough rest resulted in a dough structure that really amazed me – so don’t over knead the dough!

For the sourdough I used the “two-step process”, but for the more spontaneous baker, you can use the quick sourdough variant.



Foundation Sour Step:

  •  20g Starter
  •  60g Rye Flour Type/ 960
  •  30g Water

Hydration(TA): 150   DT: 23-27°C   RT: 15-24 Hours

Full Sour Step:

  • 110g mature Foundation Sour
  •  90g Rye Flour Type/ 960
  •  90g Water

Hydration(TA): 180  DT: 29-31°C  RT: 3 Hours

or: „Quick Sourdough Process“ Berliner Quick Sourdough:

  •   40g Starter
  • 135g Rye Flour Type/ 960
  • 122g Water

Hydration(TA): 190  DT: 35°C  RT: 3-4 Hours

Main Dough:

  • 290g mature Sourdough
  • 800g Wheat Flour Type/ 700
  • 550g Water
  •   22g Salt
  •     5g Yeast

Knead all ingredients into a dough (6 min. on slow and 4 min. on fast). If necessary, water can be added. Be careful not to over knead the dough- it should still stick to the side of the bowl. 

After 45 minutes the dough is folded and then covered and left to rise further for another 45 minutes. 

To work up, divide the dough in half and loosely form into round loaves. After a short rest phase, form into oblong striezel. Place into proofing baskets with the seam-side up. Cover and set to final proof (mine proofed in the refrigerator at 5°C for 8 hours). 

Once fully proofed, turn out onto a baking peel and score lengthwise 4 times. Bake with strong steam in an oven set to 250°C. After 10 minutes reduce the temperature to 210°C and bake a further 40 minutes.