I am always asking myself: Which sourdough method is the best and results in the best bread? There is no general answer to this question given the large number of sourdough types. Each process has its own advantages and disadvantages. The multi-stage sourdough processes that have an initial overnight foundation sour are especially good for well-rounded sour and flavor development. For these reasons I use the Detmold two-stage process for my Hausbrot.  

The foundation sour is prepared the day before. This has a flexible maturity time from 15 to 24 hours. The full sour has a maturity time between 2.5 to 3.5 hours. When compared to the three-stage sourdough process there is very little difference in flavor. 

Processing Statistics for the Two-stage process:

1st Stage Foundation Sour 

  • Rye Flour: 2x
  • Water: 1x
  • Dough Yield: 150
  • Dough Temperature: 23-27 °C
  • Rise Time: 15-24 Hours

2nd Stage Full Sour

  • Rye Flour: 1x Foundation Sour Total
  • Water: 1x Foundation Sour Total
  • Dough Yield: 180
  • Temp./Rise Time: 34°C / 2.5 Hours – 32°C / 2.75 Hours – 30°C / 3 Hours – 28°C / 3.5 Hours


Foundation Sour:

  •     5g Starter
  •   75g Water (Dissolve starter in water)
  • 150g Rye Flour Type/960

Full Sour:

  • 225g Foundation Sour
  • 225g Water
  • 225g Rye Flour Type/960

Bread Soaker:

  • 140g Left Over Bread
  • 140g Water

Same standing time as the Full Sour


  • 200g Wheat Flour Type/700
  • 200g Wheat Flour Type/1600
  • 520g Rye Flour Type/960
  • 675g Full Sour
  • 280g Bread Soaker
  • 490g Water
  •   28g Sea Salt
  •   15g Ground Bread Spice (Fennel, Coriander, Caraway)
  •   10g Yeast (with very active sourdough you can bake without the yeast)

Mix all ingredients on slow until a smooth dough forms. 

After the dough is mixed, cover and let rest in a warm spot for 20 minutes. After the rest the dough is divided into two equal-sized pieces, formed into rounds and then rolled until elongated. 

With the seam side up place into proofing baskets. 

Once ¾ proofed, place the dough with the seam side down on a bread peel, spray with water and “prick” the surface. 

Place in the oven with plenty of steam and only after 2-2.5 minutes let the steam out. 

Total bake time is about 60 minutes.