• 250g soft butter
  • 120g powdered sugar
  •   50g ground candied orange peel 
  •   10g vanilla sugar
  •     2g cinnamon
  •     1g salt
  • 150g whole eggs (3)
  • 150g finely grated and roasted hazelnuts
  •   50g roasted hazelnuts, 2-4mm
  • 200g cake crumbs
  •   80g wheat flour
  • 100g currant jam  
  •   20g sliced almonds


  • Mix the butter with the powdered sugar, ground candied orange peel, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and salt until fluffy.
  • Add the eggs on at a time, mixing to keep fluffy.
  • Combine the hazelnuts, cake crumbs and wheat flour, and then mix this carefully into the butter mixture. 
  • Pour two thirds of the dough into a cake ring. 
  • Then top the dough with currant jam, so that the surface is evenly covered (leave a 2cm gap from the edge). 
  • Use the rest of the dough to make a round ring for the cake rim and a latticework center. Place atop the jam.
  • Finally, sprinkle slivered almonds on the cake. 
  • Bake the Linzer Cake at 180°C / c. 35-40 minutes.