Tourte de Meule with Wheat Sourdough TA 160

The experimental series of wheat sourdough is entering the second round. A wheat sourdough with a hydration (TA) of 160% was used for this Tourte de Meule. In order to be able to bake this bread without the addition of yeast, it needs a strong, active and at the same time mild sourdough.

This is produced using a 2-stage method:

Stage 1:

  • 100g Wheat flour Type 700
  • 100g Water 35-40°C
  •   50g Starter

Hydration (TA): 200 DT: 27-29°C Maturity time: 7-8 hours

Stage 2:

  • 250g Mature sourdough
  • 120g Water 40-45°C
  • 300g Wheat flour Type 700

Hydration (TA): 160 DT: 28°C Maturity time: 3-4 hours

Main dough:

  • 600g T80
  • 530g Water 20°C

Briefly mix the flour and water and allow to autolyze for 60 minutes.

  • 670g Mature wheat sourdough
  •   25g Salt

Then add the wheat sourdough and salt and mix on slow speed until the dough releases from the side of the mixing bowl – c. 10 minutes. 

In order to strengthen the gluten further, the dough is mixed for 1 minute on a fast speed. 

After kneading the dough it is placed in an oiled tub for 180 minutes (fold after 60 and 120 minutes). 

After the dough rises, divide it and then once again fold it into a whole mass! In order to give the dough structure and stability it should rest for another 30 minutes before final shaping. Only after the relaxation phase is the dough brought into the desired shape.

After working up the dough is placed into floured proofing baskets and then stored in the refrigerator at 4°C overnight (duration of cold proof: 12-15 hours).

The next day the dough is scored as desired with a sharp knife and then slid into the oven at 250°C with steam. Reduce the oven temperature to 235°C after 10 minutes and bake until well browned – bake time of c. 35-40 minutes.

Another possibility to refine the bread is by TORCHING!

After turning out the dough from the proofing basket, brush with water and use a blow torch, toast the top of the bread, score and then bake.