Anise Zwieback

Zwieback is a bread-like snack that is cut into slices and roasted until dry and crumbly to preserve it. To make zwieback, a bread is lightly baked first. After baking, the bread is cut into slices and roasted in the oven over low heat, which darkens, dries out and becomes crispy – the result is zwieback.

Zwieback generally have a long shelf life, but are prone to absorb moisture and thereby lose their crispness and spoil more easily. The packaging for rusks should therefore be impermeable to moisture, air and light.

Since anise bread is ideal for zwieback, the bread is cut into 1cm thick slices after 24 hours. The cut bread slices are rolled in icing sugar and dried at 80-90 ° C in the oven with hot air. To avoid the formation of water vapor in the oven, I recommend leaving the baking door open a little.