Pustertaler Fruit Cake

This fruity specialty deserves to be recognized as an equal to the Stollen for Advent baking. The luxury of all the dried fruits and nuts reveals itself once the cake is sliced. A similar recipe for a fruit cake covered in brioche dough is already on the blog- though this recipe is made only with the dried fruit and rye sourdough. After a standing time of a few hours, the dough is divided and shaped inside a cake ring. After shaping, the top is brushed with water and then decorated with almonds and cherries. The fruit cake is baked at a low temperature of 150°C with light steam.


Fruit mixture

150gFresh squeezed orange juice
125gRaw sugar
250gCoarsely chopped dried pears
175gDried plums (prunes)
225gDried figs
150gToasted hazelnuts
100gToasted walnuts
10gLebkuchen (gingerbread) spice

Bring the water, orange juice, rum, schnapps, raw sugar, and gingerbread spice to a boil. Then pour over the fruit mixture (without the buts). Cover and allow to macerate for 24 hours.

Attention: Hazelnuts and walnuts are only added when mixing up the dough!


200gRye flour Type 960
220gWater 45°C

Dissolve the starter in water and then mix in the rye flour. Then allow it to mature at room temperature for 15 hours.


  • Mix together the soaked fruits, nuts, and sourdough either by hand or with a mixer. If the dough is too firm a small amount of additional liquid can be added.
  • After making the dough let it rest for 60 minutes.
  • Then weigh out the dough and use dampened hands to press it into shape. Brush with water and decorate with almonds as desired.
  • 60 minute final proof
  • Back at 150°C / 55-60 minutes.