“Scooped Out” Bauernbrot

The “scooped out” production method is well liked by beginners. The simple method of shaping, the easy identification of the optimal proof and also the simple steaming require a little less skill and nevertheless you will be rewarded with a very unique bread specialty in the end.

After the kneading process, the entire dough rest / maturity is completed in the kneading bowl. After the dough has matured in the kneading bowl, the soft dough is carefully divided or scooped out with the floured hands. In order not to destroy the airy crumb already formed in the dough, the dough is no longer worked.

The length of the dough rise depends on the following factors:

  • The bran content: The higher and coarser the bran content, the longer it takes to hydrate.
  • The flour mixture: The length of the dough rise increases with more wheat flour in the dough.
  • The process: Direct processed bread doughs require on average 30-40 minutes to hydrate and loosen. Indirect processed (sourdough) bread doughs require only a brief rest since about 40% of the flour has been pre-hydrated and on account of the long maturation they have already developed flavor. 

Rye and mixed rye breads mature very quickly, because the yeast and enzymes are very happy  at 27-29°C. I would therefore limit the maturity of the dough to 50-60 minutes.


Sourdough (Berlin quick-sour)

  • 360g Alpenroggen
  • 390g Water (A pouring temperature up to 50°C is possible)
  •    70g Starter

DT: Constatnt 35°C !!! Hydration(TA): 209 Maturity time: 4 hours

If the required sourdough temperature of 35°C is not maintained, the maturity time increases by 15 minutes for every °C!

Bread soaker

  • 100g Water
  •   50g Leftover bread

Mix at the same time as the sourdough.


  • 140g Wheat flour Type 1600
  • 140g Water 35°C
  •      5g Yeast

Mix at the same time as the sourdough.

Main dough

  • 820g Mature sourdough
  • 150g Bread soaker
  • 285g Sponge
  • 240g Alpenroggen
  •   60g Wheat flour Type 700
  •   20g Salt
  •   30g Lard (or soft butter)

Mixing time: 7 min. slowly / 1min. fastl Dough maturity: 50-60 min. DT: 30-32°C

After kneading, let the dough mature in one piece. The dough should have reached a good maturity at the end so that the dough pieces can be slid into the oven after they have been scooped out (cut off) without further proofing.

I recommend turning out the dough in one piece onto the floured worktop after 30 minutes and letting it rise for another 30 minutes covered (due to the small amount of dough, it is not recommended to cut off 3 pieces of dough out of the mixing bowl).

Subsequently, the dough is divided into 3 equal pieces with a dough card and simply pressed into round loaves with floured hands. If desired, the surface can be sprinkled with spices, but the surface should be slightly moistened beforehand.

Set the floured loaves on the bread peel and already after 10 minutes slide them into the preheated oven. 

Initially bake the bread at 250°C, and add the steam only after the first minute of baking (release the steam again after 5 minutes). Turn down the oven to 200°C after 10 minutes and bake until well browned.