Neuenburger Bread

The Neuchâtel bread is a regional Swiss canton bread. Baked as a paired loaf, however, the bread is divided when sold. While working it up, the dough is divided into pieces of equal size after it has matured and shaped… weiterlesen

Topfen Cherry Buns

23rd day of Advent Ingredients for the crust: 250g Wheat flour200g Warm milk (35°C)   20g Yeast Mix the ingredients and let it rise for 60 minutes.  Ingredients for the main dough: 470g Mature pre-dough200g Soft butter 250g Wheat flour 200g Whole eggs… weiterlesen

Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

22nd day of Advent Ingredients: 215g tempered milk215g Spelt flour 63020g Yeast Mix these ingredients and allow to rise for 60 minutes 285g Spelt flour40g Yolks (2)100g Honey80g Soft butter10g SaltCocoaRobe-Noire chocolateChopped pistachiosFresh fruit to top Production: Knead… weiterlesen


21st day of Advent Ingredients – Predough: 400g wheat flour type 700300g milk 35°C  40g yeast      + a pinch of sugar Mix ingredients and let rise 60 minutes. Ingredients – Main Dough: 740g mature predough600g wheat flour type 700100g milk120g soft… weiterlesen

Chocolate Almond Cakes

17th day of Advent  Ingredients: 215g tempered milk215g Wheat flour Type 700  20g Yeast Mix these ingredients and allow it to rise for 60 minutes. 285g Wheat flour Type 700  40g Yolks (2)100g Honey 90g  Soft butter 10g  Salt   5g  Stollen spice 80g  Whole almonds… weiterlesen

Chocolate Butter Cake

After a short summer break I am finally going to kick things off again with a coffee cake that has a lot to offer in taste and looks. The recipe is made with honey instead of sugar, which gives the… weiterlesen

New Year’s Cake with Punch or Glühwein

For all readers there is still a quick and delicious cake recipe before New Year’s Eve. The dough is prepared from a sponge, a creamy butter mixture and some spelt flour. To refine the cake, some orange peel and chocolate… weiterlesen

Fried Mice

Fried mice are hand-sized and deep-fried pastries. They are very easy to make since the dough does not have to be shaped after kneading. The sweet yeast dough is folded once after kneading and then it matures in an oiled… weiterlesen

Streusel Cake

A very easy and quick option in the pastry kitchen is a cake with fruit. For the production, a sweet yeasted dough is prepared. After a short rise, this is rolled out and placed in a baking form. This is… weiterlesen


Because of their easy production, Eggerländer are a well loved pastry. To make them, the dough is rolled out into rounds and topped with various fillings. Eggerländer that are made with various fruit toppings are especially popular. Topped with apricot,… weiterlesen

Poppy Seed Crescents

These crescents are a brioche dough pastry. After dividing the dough, the round balls are rolled out into flat oval shapes, which are then filled with a cooked poppy seed mixture. The poppy seed filling should be made the day… weiterlesen

Nut Snails (Nussschnecken)

A sweet yeast dough is used as the basis for these nut rolls, called “Nussschnecken,” meaning nut snails in German. When it is still in flat pieces, the yeast dough is layered with the nut filling. Then it is rolled… weiterlesen