Chocolate Butter Cake

After a short summer break I am finally going to kick things off again with a coffee cake that has a lot to offer in taste and looks. The recipe is made with honey instead of sugar, which gives the cake a special taste and also helps to keep it fresh. 

The honey can be replaced with sugar. In this case, since honey is less sweet than sugar, the sugar content should be reduced by ⅓.



  • 220g Milk (30°C)
  • 220g Wheat flour Type 700
  •    10g Yeast

DT: 24-27°C  Hydration(TA): 200 Maturity time: 2 Std

Light dough:

  • 205g Pre-dough
  • 155g Wheat flour Type 700
  •   50g Butter
  •   35g Honey
  •   20g Yolk (1)
  •     5g Salz

Dark dough:

  • 245g Pre-dough
  • 100g Wheat flour Type 700
  •   50g Honey
  •   18g Butter
  •   10g Cocoa
  •   40g Chocolate, finely chopped
  •     5g Salz


  • For both doughs, the all-in method is used in mixing. 
  • Mixing time is 6 minutes on slow and 6-7 minutes on fast (the dough should release from the side of the mixing bowl!)
  • Then the dough matures in a dough tub for 30 minutes. 
  • To continue, each dough is divided into two equal-sized pieces. These are then rolled out into 40cm long dough strands. Now you take one light and one dark dough strand, twist them together into a cord and then in the next step it is formed into a snail. The snails are then placed into a baking pan and left to proof. 
  • Once ¾ proofed, brush the cake with egg and if desired, coat with coarse sugar or sliced almonds.
  • The cake is baked at 190°C reduced to 180°C / baking time about 30 Minuten