Sweet Burek

Since there is already a burek recipe on the blog, the sweet version should also be covered as well. Actually, the sweet version can be compared with our apple strudel, but I think the idea to roll it into a round is great.

For a round version, the same dough amount should be made (see here). A sweet burek is made from two dough pieces with a dough size of 190g.

To make it, stretch out a thin piece of dough, fill it and fold it as shown on the video. Then pull out a second piece of dough thinly and place the first filled piece on top. Then apply the filling one more time and fold it up.

Bake the sweet burek at 240°C until golden brown. To cool, the burek is turned on the pan. From the steam on the backside the burek gets a more even surface which makes it easier to cut.

Recipes for various fillings

Apple filling

300gApple juice
50gRaw sugar
3gLemon juice
35gCorn starch
400gApple pieces cut into small cubes
Cinnamon to taste

Mix the corn starch with 20% of the apple juice. Heat the rest of the apple juice with the sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice. Then mix in the apple juice and corn starch mixture and bring to the boil again. Finish by carefully stirring in the apple pieces.

Sour cherry filling

300gCherry juice
30gCorn starch
45gRaw sugar
300gSour cherries

Drain the sour cherries well and mix with some of the cherry juice. As with the apple filling, mix a small portion of the juice with the corn starch. Heat the rest of the cherry juice with the sugar and cinnamon and then bind it together with the corn starch mixture. To finish, add the cherries and return to the boil.

Berry filling

500gFrozen berry mix
(Blueberries, black berries, raspberries,..)
150gRaw sugar
2gLemon juice
Pinch of salt

Dry mix the raw sugar, salt, and pectin. Then boil the sugar mixture with the mixed berries for at least 3 minutes.

Video instructions for the production of sweet burek