Baguette with Long Rise

For the beginners that would like to try making baguettes but have not yet found a trusted recipe, I can recommend this one. 

For the baguette, the flour and water are mixed up and left to autolyze for 30 minutes. After the autolysis is complete I have added salt and a small amount of yeast and quickly kneaded. 


  • 700g T-65
  • 500g Water

Mix until lump free and leave to autolyze for 30 minutes. 

  •  17g Sea Salt
  •    5g Yeast

Knead for 7 minutes on slow (until the dough releases from the side of the bowl) and then knead on fast for half a minute. 

The dough then is left in an oiled bowl for 60 minutes. In order to stabilize the gluten I fold the dough every 20 minutes. 

After the folding, a relaxation phase at a cold temperature is important. 

This works best overnight in the refrigerator at 5°C.

During this time the dough must be covered in order to prevent it from drying out especially on the top side. 

The next morning I divide the dough into 4 equal sized pieces, each 300g. The weighed out dough pieces are firstly formed and then after a rest phase, are formed into baguettes. 

After forming, place in baking linen to proof with the seam side down. 

Once proofed, bake at 250°C with the seam side up until crusty.