Couronne Bretonne

Another experiment with the yeast water is the Couronne Bretonne. This recipe consists of three different flours: T80, T65 and buckwheat. The proportion of buckwheat flour is low at 10%, but this gives the bread a slightly earthy, tangy taste and thus goes wonderfully with cheese and fish.

Buckwheat also has an enormous influence on the structure of the dough, because even a small amount tends to result in overkneading. After autolysis, a mixing time of just 5 minutes on the slow speed was sufficient for the main dough!

I also proofed the bread cold (4 ° C) after shaping, though I can’t recommend this approach (learn by doing !!). The dough loses stability and the oven spring is only moderate. It would have been better to shape and proof the dough at room temperature and then bake. 


Sourdough Stage 1:

  • 45g Wheat flour T65
  • 55g Yeast water

DT: 28°C  Maturity time: 8 hours

Sourdough Stage 2:

  • 100g Mixture from stage 1
  • 200g Wheat flour T65
  • 200g Water approx. 35°C

DT: 28°C  Maturity time: 8 hours

Main dough:

  • 500g Mature sourdough
  • 500g T65
  • 200g T80
  • 100g Buckwheat flour
  • 500g Water 20°C

Briefly mix and let stand for 30 minutes to autolyse. 

  • 25g Salt
  •   3g Yeast

Add and mix for 5 minutes on slow. 


  • Then the dough is placed in an oiled dough tub and folded after 40 and 80 minutes.
  • After a total dough maturity time of 120 minutes, divide the dough into two equal-sized pieces and form into round loaves. 
  • Allow to relax for another 30 minutes and then using your finger, press a hole into the middle. This small hole is now enlarged in order to fit into the couronne proofing basket. If you don’t have a couronne proofing basket you can place the bread directly onto baking paper (to ensure that the center hole  does not disappear during the proof and retains its shape, a glass can be placed in the middle – this is removed again before baking!) 
  • Once 3/4 proofed, score the bread as desired with a sharp knife. The bread is baked at 250°C with strong steam. After a baking time of 10 minutes, switch the oven back to 235°C and bake vigorously. The total baking time is approx. 45 minutes (to get a stronger crust, release steam towards the end of the baking time).