Wholemeal Bread

To expand the range of yeast-free breads, here is a recipe for all the wholegrain lovers. The variant I have chosen is about 25% coarse wholemeal flour and can be increased or reduced as desired. In addition, the freshness is improved by adding a rye malt scald.

The slower proofing of approx. 15 hours at 4 ° C in the refrigerator gives the bread a long-lasting crust and makes the flavor a real treat.


Lievito madre:

  • 200g Wheat flour Type 700
  • 100g Water 40-45°C
  •   30g Starter (active and refreshed )

DT: 28-30°C       Hydration (TA): 150      Maturity time: 6-8 hours

Active Madre is ready to use after 4-5 hours/ the volume should double during this time!

Rye Malt Scald:

  • 100g Water
  •   50g Rye flour Type 960
  •  2,5g Active malt flour (5%)

Production: See here

Main dough:

  • 550g Wheat flour Type 700
  • 250g Wholemeal wheat flour, coarse
  • 680g Water 20°C
  • 150g Rye malt scald

Briefly mix and then cover and allow to autolyze for 30 minutes.

  • 330g Mature wheat sourdough
  •   25g Salt

The dough is slowly mixed for 10 minutes and the kneaded quickly until it releases from the side of the bowl. After kneading the dough matures in an oiled tub for 180 minutes (during this the the dough is folded 2x).

After the preceding dough maturity, the dough is divided and loosely formed into round loaves. The loaves now leax for another 30-50 minutes and after the relaxation phase they are formed into elongated loaves. In order to get a strong oven spring, the doughs must be shaped with tension.

After working up the loaves are placed in proofing basket and set to proof in the refrigerator at 4°C for 15 hours.

The loaves are baked at 255C° with strong steam. Turn the oven temperature down to 235°C after 15 minutes. The baking time for the bread should not be less than 45 minutes.

In order to strengthen the crust, the steam can be let out of the oven toward the end of the baking time.