Par-Baked Baguettes

With the par-baking method, the baking process is interrupted halfway through the baking time. The best quality is achieved with a pre-baking time of 50%. If the pre-baking time is less than 50% of the total baking time, the crumb loses its elasticity. The bite and taste can no longer develop sufficiently during the final baking.

Post-bake phase:

In this baking phase, the crumb firmness decreases with increasing internal temperature (90-95°C). This makes it nice and soft after baking and keeps it fresh for a long time. If the pre-baking time is too long, the post-baking time is shortened and the desired internal temperature cannot be reached.

Intermediate storage can take place in baskets with little concern, but this way they must be covered with a film to protect them from drying out.

  • Up to 2 days storage at room temperature (22°C)
  • Up to 4 days storage in the refrigerator (5°C)
  • Up to 4 weeks in the freezer (-18°C)

Compared to the direct baking method, these breads have a higher crumb stability and a stronger crust after the post-baking phase.

Bake time: 8 minutes:

Crust: The moisture content of the crust is still very high after this baking time, which makes it very elastic. The baguette still tends to collapse.

Crumb: With a baking time of 8 minutes, the internal temperature of 96°C is reached.

Bake time: 10 minutes

Crust: The crust coloring appears even. 

Crumb: The gelatinization of starch is complete. The water content is still very high after 50% of the baking time.

Bake time: 12 minutes

Crust: For optimal storage life the baguettes in this condition should not have a crust after they have cooled down. 

Crumb: The flavor compounds are not present due to the low dextrin development in the crust. 


For Par-baked Baguettes 1770g / 6 pieces – 295g

Rye poolish:  

  • 200g Rye flour Type 960
  • 400g Water
  •     5g Yeast

TA: 300 DT: 23-25°C Maturity time: 18-48 hours

Let the pre-dough rise at room temperature for 60-90 minutes. Then let it mature in the refrigerator at 5°C until ready to use. 

Main dough:

  • 700g Wheat flour Type 700
  • 100g Wheat flour Type 1600
  • 605g Mature poolish
  • 330g Water
  •    22g Salt
  •      8g Yeast
  •      5g Honey

Mix together the flour, water, and rye poolish until lump free and let it stand to autolyse for 30 minutes. Then add the salt, honey, and yeast and mix slowly for 8-10 minutes. After the mixing phase a fast kneaded phase follows to strengthen the gluten. 

Then the dough is stored in a lightly oiled tub for 60 minutes (fold after 20/40 minutes!).

After that, the dough is divided into 6 equal-sized pieces and shaped into preformed baguettes. After a short relaxation phase, finish the baguette shaping and with the seam-side down place in a floured linen cloth. 

Once proofed, the baguettes are slid into the oven at 250°C with steam. For the par-baked variant, the baguettes are removed from the oven after 10-12 minutes. After cooling down, cover them to store.

To re-bake the baguettes, they are placed in the oven preheated to 250°C/10 minutes. In order to increase the crust browning the convection heat can be turned on- CAREFUL: quick browning!