Grill Bread

This grill bread is a real classic from the recipe list and is visually such a hit that you might even shy away from cutting into it. Tender, soft crumb surrounded by a cracking crust – this is how bread should taste for grilling.

2 pre-doughs, which differ in firmness, flour type and maturing temperature, ensure the taste. A soft starter dough made from Tipo 0 flour mixed to a hydration(TA) of 200. The high hydration and warm processing are responsible for the taste and rise.

To round out the taste, a sourdough is mixed with ruchmehl that is then stored in the refrigerator for a set amount of time. From the type of flour, the cool maturation process, and the stiff dough (TA of 160), the flavor profile is well rounded and at the same time assists in forming a long lasting crust. 



  • 200g Tipo 0
  • 100g Raisin water (Active yeast water)
  • 100g Water

Maturity time: 12-14 hours DT: 24-26°C Hydration(TA): 200

Wheat sourdough:

  • 100g Ruchmehl
  •   60g Water
  •   10g Starter

Maturity time: 4 hours at room temperature and then in the refrigerator at 4°C until ready to use

DT: 27°C   Hydration(TA): 160

Main dough:

  • 150g Ruchmehl
  • 550g Tipo 0
  • 550g Water (8-10°C)

Mix together then cover and allow to autolyse for 30-45 minutes, 

  • 400g Mature pre-dough
  • 170g Mature sourdough straight from the refrigerator
  •   25g Salt
  •     2g Yeast

Mix together the Autolyse dough + pre-dough, wheat sourdough + salt and yeast on slow speed until it releases from the side of the mixing bowl. Then the dough is kneaded quickly for 1-2 minutes. (if the dough is too stiff, additional water can be added).


  • After mixing the dough it is stored in an oiled dough tub..
  • Fold after 45 and 90 minutes. 
  • After a total maturity time of about 130 minutes, the dough is divided into 3 equal-sized pieces. The divided doughs are folded into rounds and placed with the seam-side down. Before continuing to work up, cover and allow to relax for 30 minutes. 
  • Now the doughs are carefully rolled into lengths (about 35-40 cm). Ensure that the lengths are slightly thinner at the ends than in the middle. 
  • After each piece of dough is lengthened, the ends of each piece are loosely twisted into a spindle. 
  • The ends of the spindle are laid under the rest of the dough- from above it should look like a knot. 
  • In its shaped condition, allow it to proof- approx. 40 minutes. (the proof Im geformten Zustand auf die Endgare stellen – ca. 40 Minuten. (The proof doesn’t have to be exact! Better to be a little under proofed- then the baked result comes into its final form)
  • The bread is baked at 250°C with strong steam. Turn the oven down to 235°C after 10 minutes and bake until well browned. The steam can be released toward the end of the baking time- better crust!
  • Total baking time of about 30-35 minutes