Poolish Baguette

Baguettes are very simple in that they are made from only the essential ingredients of flour, water, salt and yeast. 

And it is precisely this simplicity that requires a high level of knowledge and skill in order to achieve a good result. Since no dominant flavor ingredients are used, the taste must be developed from the basic ingredients

One of many traditional techniques that one can use to create a high-quality baguette, is the process described here using a poolish.

With poolish the same amount of water and flour (1:1) are mixed with very little yeast. The ingredients are briefly mixed, which allows the dough formation to come during the rising process.  When choosing the container, make sure the poolish has room to develop upwards. 


  • Temperature
  • Optimal dough development
  • Stable dough structure

After mixing the poolish should rise for an hour or two at room temperature. After that it is stored in the refrigerator for 20 hours (up to 48). The ripening process is complete when there are a lot of bubbles on the surface. This fermented pre-dough has a wonderful structure and a unique taste. 

Overripe Poolish:

  • Falls in on itself (collapses)
  • Has no more stability
  • The consistency has gone liquid
  • Unsuitable for further processing



  • 175g T65
  • 175g Water
  •     1g Yeast

TA: 200    RT: 2 hours at room temp.  / 18-20 hours. refrigerated 4°C  / DT: 24-26°C

Main Dough:

  • 351g Ripe poolish
  • 175g Water
  • 325g T65
  •   12g Sea salt
  •     2g Yeast

Briefly mix the flour, water, and poolish and leave to autolyse for 20 minutes. After the autolysis the sea salt and yeast are added and mixed on slow for 8 minutes. Then mix the dough on fast for 2 minutes (dough temperature should not be above 25°C).

Cover and let the baguette dough rise for 90 minutes, during which the dough is folded every 30 minutes- see Video.

Then the baguette dough is divided and formed – see Video, and finally formed into baguettes– here.

If you would like the formed doughs can be rolled again after a short rest period (10 min). = recommended for beginners.

After working up the baguettes they are proofed for 30-40 minutes until ready to bake. Bake them at 250°C with steam. Bake time takes about 17-20 minutes at 250°C.