Schwarze Muckel

The schwarze Muckel was once a bread that surprised me from the “wholegrain bread” series! The recipe and dough production were spot on (almost) and everything went (not quite) according to plan.

Adjust the baking time three different times and on the last time forgot to push the start button- makes me sick to my stomach when I make such a mistake!

Pulled it out of the oven and placed it in the bread crumb pile without further thought! The next day, my curiosity was greater than my annoyance and so I decided to taste it.

Once cut, a perfectly loose yet compact crumb emerged. Strong roast aromas due to the long bake time characterize this mildly sour wholegrain bread that has a tender crumb and long shelf-life to boot.


Total Recipe

900gRye meal, medium90%
100gWholegrain rye flour10%
100gLeftover bread
(dried & finely ground)
30gdark roasted malt
(alternative beet syrup)


350gRye meal, medium
350gWater 35 – 40°C

Dissolve the starter in water then mix with the rye meal for 10 minutes on slow speed. Then let it mature for 12-14 hours at room temperature.


300gRye meal, medium
600gWater 100°C

Pour the boiling water over the rye meal and salt. Then knead in the mixer for 10 minutes on slow. Then let soak at room temperature (10-12 hours max.).

Main Dough

735gMature wholegrain sourdough
100gBread crumbs
(toasted & finely ground)
250gRye meal, medium
100gWholegrain rye flour
30gDark rye malt
(alternative beet syrup)


  • Mix the sourdough, scald, and other ingredients slowly for 15 minutes.
  • Then cover and let it soak in the mixing bowl for 20 minutes.
  • After the mixing pause, mix for a further 15 minutes on slow.
  • Dough maturity of 30-45 minutes
  • Weigh out (25x11x11cm had a 1350g dough fill)
  • Work the dough into rounds then roll lengthwise
  • Final proof approx. 80-90 minutes
  • Bake the schwarze Muckel at 230°C reduced to 190°C with steam.
  • Bake time 210-240 minutes