The Ungers from Unger Wines in Frasdorf called me some time ago and offered me the opportunity to lead another bread-baking event (04.02.2022 – 06.02.2022) at their wine shop. Also on board are the Tement couple with a very high-quality selection of their wines. How could I refuse? Armin Tement also offered the Ungers an exclusive wine in advance that has never been available on the market, 2017 TEMENT MORILLON WIELITSCHBERG. Michael Unger asked me to create a bread paring for this. It should be crunchy, healthy, fresh, juicy, with tons of nuts as these would go perfectly with the flavors of the wine. Out came the nutcracker.


Total Recipe

200gWholegrain spelt flour40%
110gWholegrain rye flour22%
100gRye flour Type 960/99720%
90gWheat flour Type 550/70018%
125gRoasted Hazelnuts25%
60gRoasted Almonds12%
50gRoasted Sunflower seeds10%
5gYeast (with a very active sourdough the yeast can be omitted)1%


100gRye flour Type 960/997
120gWater (40°C)
  • Dissolve with starter in water and then mix in the rye flour until lump-free.
  • Target maturing temperature of 28-30°C
  • Maturity time: 10-12 hours


300gWater 35°C
200gWholegrain Spelt flour
110gWholegrain Rye flour (coarse)
50gRoasted Sunflower seeds
60gRoasted Almonds
125gRoasted Hazelnuts
  • Combine all of the ingredients together and allow to soak for 12 hours in a cool spot.

Main dough

230gMature sourdough
90gWheat flour Type 550/700
25gWater (50°C)


  • Mix the sourdough, soaker, and the rest of the ingredients in the kneading machine for 6 minutes on slow. Then mix for 1 minute quickly.
    Attention: The dough consistency should be very soft!
  • 30 minute dough rest
  • To work up, fill the dough into the loaf pan, then using a dampened dough scraper, smooth the dough surface.
  • As decoration, the bread can be sprinkled with sunflower or sesame seeds.
  • Final proof c. 45 minutes (if using yeast)
  • The Nutcracker is baked at 230°C reduced to 200°C with strong steam.
  • Release the steam after 5-7 minutes of baking time
  • Total baking time c. 55-60 minutes