Finnish Bread with Sprouts

Finnenbrot or Finnish bread is well-known for its high content of whole grains and seeds. If such a high proportion of whole grain is used, why not just use sprouted grain? The milled sprouts and the seed soaker lend the bread a moist crumb and a long shelf-life.

The simple and hassle-free preparation of the bread and the use of a baking pan make this an approachable bread sure to bring wonderful results even for beginners.


Total recipe

200gRye flour Type 960/99724%
200gRuchmehl or Whole grain wheat flour24%
250gSprouted wheat grains
(ca. 160g wheat grains & 90g water)
(wheat grains)
250gSprouted rye grains
(ca. 160g rye grains & 90g water)
(rye grains)
120gRye flakes14%
(about 102% including the water content of the sprouts)
200gToasted sunflower seeds24%
80gFlax seeds9,5%
70gSesame seeds8%


200gRye flourType 960/997
220gWater 35°C
  • Dissolve the starter in water and then mix with the rye flour until lump-free.
  • Target dough temperature: 28-30°C
  • Maturity time: 15-18 hours


200gToasted sunflower seeds
120gRye flakes
80gFlax seeds
70gSesame seeds
450gWater 35-45°C
  • Combine all of the ingredients and allow them to soak, covered for 10-12 hours.


160gWheat grains
160gRye grains
  • See here for instructions on making sprouts

    Attetnion: If making sprouts is too complcated, you can substitute 160g of course milled wheat and rye. Before using in the main dough, soak them in about 250-300g of hot (60°C) water and allow to soak for 2-3 hours. When working on the dough it is possible that the moisture content will need to be corrected.

Main dough

430gMature sourdough
ca. 250gGround wheat sprouts
ca. 250gGround rye sprouts


  • Mix together all ingredients on medium speed for 6-7 minutes. Should the dough be too firm, add a little water.
  • After mixing the dough, let it mature for 45 minutes.
  • Then fill the dough into the baking tin and smooth the surface with a moistened dough card.
  • TIP: Add some sunflower seeds to the tin before filling with dough – this way the nuttiness of the bread is elevated even more.
  • Cover and place in a warm spot to proof.
  • Final proof of about 90-120 minutes
  • Bake the bread at 230°C reduced to 200°C with steam.
  • Release the steam after 5-7 minutes.
  • Total bake time of 60 minutes