Pumpernickel with Coarse Meal

It’s been baked for a long time and after a long wait is now finally on the blog – the “strong pumpernickel” with coarse meal. There was not a similar bread that I enjoyed baking over and over again like this pumpernickel!

Although I didn’t have an steam baking pan here, I was very astonished at the incomparable taste of the pumpernickel! With only 10% acidification of the total amount of flour, the bread gets a hearty, moist and extremely sweet bite. The shelf-life of the bread once sliced was extreme and calls for further pumpernickel recipes.

We Austrians are not the pumper people, but for me this product has enormous potential (if only because nobody does it)! Perhaps one day I will be able to integrate pumpernickel into our production.


Total Recipe

800gCoarse Rye Meal80%
200gWholegrain Rye Flour20%
30gdried and finely ground leftover bread3%
20gDark Rye Malt
(If none on hand, leave out)

Wholegrain Sourdough

100gCoarse Rye Meal

Dissolve the starter in the water and then mix with the coarse rye meal. Cover then allow to ripen for 8-10 hours at room temperature.


700gCoarse Rye Meal
630gWater 100°C
30gdried and finely ground leftover bread

Scald the coarse rye meal, leftover bread, and salt with boiling water and then mix in the kneader for 20 minutes. Then cover and let it hydrate for 2-3 hours.

Main Dough

225gmature Sourdough
1343gScald (30-40°C)
200gWholegrain Rye Flour
20gRye Malt
60gWater (Add during the second mixing phase)


  • Mix the sourdough, scald, and wholegrain flour for 20 minutes on slow speed. Then cover and let hydrate for 30 minutes.
  • After hydrating, add the water and yeast then mix for a further 30 minutes on slow.
  • Subsequent 30 minute dough rest.
  • The form the dough long and round.
  • Afterwards put it in the pan and press down firmly (the pan should be 80% filled).
  • Proof for approx. 45 minutes
  • To bake cover the pan with a lid or slip into a vacuum bag and bake at 150°C (place a bowl of water on the floor of the oven)
  • Then let the oven temperature fall to 110°C. During the baking time, the breakdown of starch causes malt sugar and caramel to form (Malliard reaction). Thus the dark brown, often black-brown crumb color is formed. The moist heat in the oven ensures even heat distribution within the baking chamber.
  • Total baking time 16-20 hours.