The next bread that I want to introduce you to is called the Schrotling. This is a special bread that has a few particular characteristics. About half of the rye flour in this recipe comes in the form of sourdough, and the rest is wholegrain rye, that is given a soaking treatment. 

Another feature is how the dough is worked, since the dough isn’t formed into a round, instead it is simply folded and placed with the seam side down into a proofing basket to mature. The bread is baked with the seam side up and without steam. 

The taste of this bread is only slightly sour which for me seems to be in harmony with the wholegrain content. Unfortunately I cut the bread when it was still warm, which explains the slight gummy appearance in the photos. I know that the bread should cool first, but I am overcome with curiosity: Did it turn out, how is the crumb, how did the pores develop,…

And now for the recipe: This time I used the Detmold two-stage process. There is an advantage to this method associated with the sourdough temperature. 

II know that many Hobby bakers always have problems with the sourdough temperature (maintaining 28-30°C over 15 hours is challenging for many). 

Thus, I find a big advantage in the two-stage sourdough process: it is broken down into two phases with the first phase being the foundation sour. 

The foundation sour phase is mixed to a hydration of 150, and matures at a room temperature of 20-25°C!

The second step is then the full sour stage: The maturity time of this step is 3 hours at 28 – 31°C. Simply mix the sourdough a bit warmer (33-34°C), and through the slow cooling you will achieve the correct average!

Therefore this sourdough process is a good alternative for those that often have problems with maintaining the sourdough temperature. 



Foundation Sourdough Step:

  • 10g Starter
  • 48g Rye Flour Type 960
  • 24g Water

TA: 150     DT: 20-25°C     RT: 15-24 hours

Full Sour Step:

  • 82g Foundation Sour
  • 82g Rye Flour Type 960
  • 82g Water

TA: 180    DT: 28 – 31C°    RT: 3 hours


  • 180g Fine Rye meal
  • 180g Water 50°C
  •   14g Sea salt

Soaking time,  3-4 hours

Main Dough:

  • 246g mature sourdough
  • 374g Soaker
  • 360g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 160g Water
  •      5g Yeast (can be omitted if the sourdough is very active)

Mix all ingredients together on slow speed for 5-6 minutes. Cover and allow to rise in the bowl for 45 minutes. Now divide into two pieces and without working into rounds first, form into striezel. With the seam-side down the dough matures in a proofing basket that was first dusted with coarse meal. 

The bread is turned out (seam-side up) onto a bread peel once it is ¾ proofed, and is slid into the oven at 250°C. If you want you can add some steam but not too much! 

After 5 minutes the oven is turned down to 200°C and bake another 40 minutes.