“Scooped Out” Crusty Bread

This “scooped out” bread is a specialty bread with a particular dough process. The proofing time takes place in the dough bowl. The dough proofs as a whole during the dough rest phase. 

After the dough maturity, the dough is carefully divided and then formed. The dough should be worked in order to preserve the pores that arose during the maturity. 

The “scooped out” bread takes on a particular rustic character through the  dough process. From the mixture of different flours the bread takes on a fine grain, strong, rustic, and at the same time lightly floured crust. 

In order to appreciate the pure bread flavor, I omitted the bread spice this time. 

I used a particular pre-dough with this recipe. A poolish that is mixed with finely ground and toasted leftover bread. Initially, the poolish matures at room temperature, and after six hours in the refrigerator until it is ready for further processing.



  • 240g Wheat Flour Type/700
  •   80g dried, toasted, and finely ground leftover bread
  •     5g Yeast
  • 400g Water 30°C

Dissolve the yeast in the water then mix in the rest of the ingredients until lump free. Then let it mature for 6 hours at room temperature and store in the refrigerator until further processing. 


  •   20g Starter
  • 340g Water
  • 400g Rye Flour Type/960

Allow the sourdough to mature for 15-18 hours in a warm spot. 


  • 200g Rye meal, fine
  • 200g Water
  •    30g Sea Salt

Instructions for Scalds see here

Main dough:

  • 725g Pre-dough (remove from the refrigerator 2 hours before use)
  • 760g mature Sourdough
  • 430g Soaker
  • 240g Rye Flour Type/2500
  • 140g Rye Flour Type/960
  • 240g Wheat Flour Type/1600
  •    10g Yeast (with an active sourdough the yeast can be omitted)
  • 100g Water should only be added if needed!

As usual, mix into a dough and then cover and allow it to rise for 60-70 minutes (you can also fold it once during this time). After the dough maturity it is divided into three equal sized pieces. The dough pieces are only gently rolled into a cylinder and then placed into proofing baskets. 

Once ¾ proofed the dough is turned out onto a bread peel and placed into the oven at 250°C with steam. Bake well at 200°C for 55-60 minutes.