Pain au Levain

“Pain au Levain” is a real gem of a bread and is also a true masterpiece for every hobby baker. It requires experience with sourdough and a good feeling for the proper dough maturity. This is a mixed wheat bread made from two different sourdoughs. 

From the long and cool fermentation the dough takes on a strong flavor. An additional characteristic is the strong browned crust, which contributes to a long shelf-life. 


Rye Sourdough:

  • 40g Whole grain rye flour
  • 40g Water
  • 10g Starter

RT: 8-10 hours  DT: 28-30°C

Wheat Sourdough:

  • 40g T80
  • 50g Water
  • 10g Starter

RT 8-10 hours DT: 28-30°C

Main Dough:

  •   90g Rye Sourdough
  • 100g Wheat Sourdough
  • 280g Water
  • 380g T65
  •   40g Whole grain wheat flour
  •    12g Salt


  • Briefly mix the sourdoughs, water, and flour and allow to autolyse for 30 minutes. 
  • After the autolyse, add the salt and mix until the dough begins to release from the side of the mixing bowl. Then the dough is kneaded for half a minute more on fast speed. 
  • Place the dough in an oiled tub and allow it to mature for 180 minutes (during this maturing time, the dough should be folded 2x).
  • After the dough maturity, divide the dough to your preference and form into round loaves. The loaves now relax for 30 minutes. Only after this short relaxation phase is the dough formed oblong. 
  • The proof for the dough takes place in the refrigerator at 4°C.
  • After the proof of 12-15 hours, the bread is shuffled into the oven at 250°C with steam. 
  • Reduce the baking temperature to 235°C after 10 minutes. 
  • Important for the shelf-life and flavor: BAKE UNTIL WELL BROWNED!
  • In order to improve the crust formation, the steam can be released after half of the baking time.