North Frisian Bread

Whole grain and whole meal breads belong among the highest art of baking and it is precisely these types of bread that will be featured on the blog in the coming weeks and months. Whole grain and meal will be baked into all sorts of variations- from rolls (also whole grain pizza) and diverse breads all the way to Pumpernickel.

To produce this variety of bread, different grain products such as whole grains, flakes, coarse and fine meal and whole grain flours are used. Different soaks and scalds, different sourdoughs and pre-doughs and different baking processes will enrich the bread selections.

Those that have baked whole grain and whole meal breads know that they can be more difficult and time consuming. I hope to show you many of these important and critical production steps in the upcoming entries and I wish all of you good luck in baking.


Total recipe

420gWhole grain rye meal42%
380gWhole grain rye flour38%
100gRye Flakes10%
100gWhole grain spelt flour10%
20gRye malt powder2%


320gWhole grain rye meal
260gWater approx. 40 – 45 °C

Mix all ingredients at medium speed in the kneading machine for 12 minutes! Then cover and allow to mature for 20-24 hours at 24-26°C.


330g Water 100°C
100gRye flakes
100gWhole grain rye meal
20gRye Malt
(not required!!)

Mix all ingredients in the kneading machine until lump-free. Then cover and let soak at room temperature. Standing time:4-12 hours

Main Recipe

610gmature Sourdough
380gWhole grain rye flour
100gWhole grain Spelt flour
300gWater 35°C


  • To begin, mix the sourdough, scald, whole grain flour, and 1/3 of the bulk water amount on slow speed for 15 minutes. By this method you achieve a better adhesion in the crumb.
  • In the subsequent fast mixing the rest of the water is added. The fineness of the meal and the wholegrain flour will differ in their water absorption and any corrections should be made.
  • Target dough temperature 30-32°C
  • After producing the dough let it rest for 30-45 minutes.
  • To work-up, divide the dough as desired, form into rounds, and cover with seeds or flakes.
  • In order to prevent the dough from cooling they should be covered with plastic.
  • Final proof takes about 50-60 minutes.
  • The pan loaves are baked at 230-220°C reduced to 190°C with strong steam. Release the steam after 10 minutes.
  • Total baking time for 650g dough size/ approx. 90 minutes.