Croissants are a specialty that can only be made with butter. From the process the croissant can take on a high content of fat which makes freezing and storing the finished dough possible. The dough should be well packaged before freezing to prevent them from drying out. 


  • 200g T/65
  • 200g Water
  •      5g Yeast

Mix all ingredients until lump-free and let rise for 3 hours room temperature. Store it in the refrigerator for a further 12-15 hours. 

Main Dough:

  •  405g Pre-dough
  •  800g T/65
  •  100g Water
  •  180g Milk
  •    50g Granulated sugar
  •    40g Yeast
  •    60g Butter (soft)
  •    22g Sea salt
  •    2 Egg Yolks

Butter Sheet:

  • 400g Butter
  •    50g Wheat flour

Knead the butter and flour with your hands and form it into a butter tile. Then place in the refrigerator until further processing. 

Mix all of the ingredients into a homogenous dough. The kneading phase shouldn’t be too long because it is better to remove the base dough from the mixer after a short mixing phase (5-6 minutes total).

Due to the stretching that the dough is subject to during the lamination phase, sufficient gluten development is achieved.  

It is important when making the dough that the consistency of the dough and the butter sheet are the same. 

After the dough is made, roll it into a rectangle, place on plastic, cover and place in the freezer for 45-60 minutes. 

Subsequently 3 lamination turns are done, whereby after each lamination a rest period of 30 minutes follows. 

To further work up the dough it is rolled out 3-3.5mm thick, cut into triangles and loosely rolled up. 

After working up, cover with plastic and allow the proof.

Once ¾ proofed, brush with egg and bake at 220℃ reducing to 200℃ with minimal steam. 17-20 minutes.