Spelt Cloud

Since the demand for spelt recipes on the blog has increased, I decided to bake some spelt recipes for you. The spelt series starts with a wonderfully moist, compact spelt bread with a great flavor and a very long shelf life – the “SPELT CLOUD”.

The spelt cloud achieves its freshness from the combination of sourdough, pre-dough, and a soaker. The subsequent dough production is a breeze and even the spelt novices can take great delight in baking with ancient grains. 


Wholegrain sourdough:

  • 100g Wholgrain rye flour
  • 100g Water 35°C
  •   10g Starter

DT: 28°C      Maturation time: 15 hours

Spelt poolish:

  • 100g Spelt Type 630
  • 100g Water, cold
  •  0,5g Yeast

First mix the water and yeast and then stir in the spelt flour- let it rise for 15 hours at room temperature. 


  • 100g Spelt flakes
  • 100g Water 45°C

Stir together the water and spelt flakes and let them soak for 15 hours in the refrigerator. 

Main Dough:

  • 210g Mature sourdough
  • 201g Mature spelt poolish
  • 200g Soaker
  • 500g Spelt flour Type 630
  • 100g Rye flour Type 960
  • 500g Water 10-15°C
  •   22g Salt
  •    15g Aquaposa
  •    10g Butter
  •      5g Yeast


  • Knead all ingredients slowly for 8 minutes and quickly for 2 minutes. The dough is fully kneaded once it releases from the side of the mixing bowl and it should not be kneaded any longer. 
  • Then store it in an oiled dough tub and fold it once after 30 minutes. 
  • After a total maturation time of 60-75 minutes, divide the dough and shape into round loaves. Then the dough seam is brushed with water and coated with a seed mixture (sesame, flax seeds, …). 
  • Set into proofing baskets with the seed-coated-side down and allow it to proof. 
  • Once ¾ proofed (about 45-60 minutes), turn the loaves out of the proofing baskets and slide into the oven at 250°C with strong steam (don’t release the steam).
  • Reduce the oven temperature to 220°C after 5 minutes of baking time. 
  • The bread is baked for about 35-40 minutes.