No Knead

Pizza- Base Dough

The easiest way to make Pizza is with a direct dough method. This method is the most widely used and most popular among pizza makers. To make it, all of the ingredients are mixed together at the same time.  The… weiterlesen

Wheat Sourdough Meets No-Knead

This No-Knead bread has a moist yet firm crumb and a light sour note thanks to the addition of wheat sourdough. To get the dough to rise quicker, the recipe also includes a little yeast. Since there is nothing to… weiterlesen

  • 16.05.2016

Anise Bread

This anise bread is a recipe that falls into the “no-knead” category. With the all-in process, the ingredients are initially mixed by hand or for one to two minutes with the mixer, but not kneaded. Since the no-knead process does… weiterlesen

No Knead – Spelt

For my next to last recipe about spelt, I opted for a no-knead recipe. Perhaps the special thing about this recipe was the way it proofed, because the bread matured for 12-14 hours at room temperature. The whole recipe does… weiterlesen