Anise Bread

This anise bread is a recipe that falls into the “no-knead” category. With the all-in process, the ingredients are initially mixed by hand or for one to two minutes with the mixer, but not kneaded. Since the no-knead process does not heat the dough, care should be taken to ensure that the target dough temperature of 24-27 ° C is reached after the ingredients have been mixed.

The mixed ingredients are placed in a lightly oiled dough tub and left to mature. The folds and turns that the dough receives over different time intervals lead to the development of the gluten structure. 



  •  75g Wheat flour 700
  •  75g Water
  • 0.5g Yeast

DT: 25°C   RT: 15-24 hours in the refrigerator

Main dough:

  • 151g mature poolish (before using, let it stand at room temperature for 30 minutes)
  • 400g Wheat flour Type 700
  • 125g Rye flour Type 960
  • 365g Water  40-45°C
  •    14g Salt
  •    10g Anise, whole
  •    40g Honey
  •      7g Yeast


  • Mix together the ingredients by hand or briefly in the kneading machine, but don’t knead it. Cover the dough with a lid or with plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes. 
  • To fold, grab the edge of the dough with a wet hand and pull it over to the opposite side. Continue folding until you’ve completed the round. Cover the dough and let it rise for a further 30 minutes. 
  • Fold the dough another time and then let it rise again for 60 minutes. 
  • Now the dough is divided into two equal sized pieces and carefully formed into round loaves. Place the loaves with the seam-side down and place on baking paper (the baking paper makes it easier to place the loaves in the oven later- the proofed loaves will slip easier from the baking peel). 
  • Cover with a cloth and proof for about 70 minutes. Once fully proofed the loaves are placed into the oven with the baking paper. 
  • Place the loaves in the oven at 240°C with steam. Release the steam after 10 minutes and pull the baking paper out as well. Reduce the oven temperature to 195°C.
  • Bake the anise bread for 45 minutes.