These hand rolls are the masterpiece in the category of small rolls. The Handsemmel is a handmade, crispy, crusty, star-shaped, small wheat roll. 

When working by hand, light rye flour is recommended.  The five segments of the roll will separate better and the result will be nicer.

After the dough is rested it is formed into a round and flattened and then the rolls are formed by hand. To finish the first and last segments are pressed together. The dough is compressed a bit this way. 

The formed rolls are placed with the star-side down on a towel. Press slightly flat, cover and let rise. 

Before baking, turn them over and spray with water. Place in the oven set to 250°C with strong steam then bake at  240°C until crusty.

As a pre-dough I choose the Pate Fêrmentêe, which for me tastes the best after it has had 36 hours to develop. 


for 15 Handsemmel each/ 72g


  • 200g Wheat FlourType 700
  •  130g Water
  •      3g Salt
  •      2g Yeast

Instructions for the pre-dough, see Pate Fêrmentêe

Main Dough:

  • 335g mature pre-dough
  • 460g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 260g Water ca.8°C
  •    13g Salt
  •    14g Liquid malt (you can also use honey)
  •    12g Yeast

Knead all the ingredients to a smooth dough. After kneading the dough gets a 30 minutes rest in the mixing bowl. Then the dough is weighed out into 72g pieces and rolled into rounds. Cover and let the dough rise for another 45 minutes. 

After the preceding rise the Handsemmel are formed – Handsemmel forming.

For this recipe the formed rolls are proofed in the refrigerator for 6 hours at 6°C. In order to get the characteristic shape the rolls are first put into the oven at ⅔ proof with strong steam. You get a stronger crust by letting the steam out of the oven 5 minutes before the end of the bake. 

Bake temp: 250°C reduced 240°C      Bake time: 15-16 minutes