Le Paillasse

For some time now I have been trying to emphasize certain flavors in baked goods by combining different wheat sourdoughs. This can be done either through multi-stage sourdough processes or, as in this recipe, through different types of flour.

The wheat sourdough used for the Le Paillasse was made with different types of flour. The T80 used in the first sourdough should conjure up more aromas in the crumb and this works very well thanks to the higher degree of milling. The second sourdough was fed with T65 and had the task of supporting the main dough during the proof.

Attention: The bulk liquid used in the main dough is not added all at once! This has the advantage that the dough develops faster and any difference in dough temperature can be corrected (depending on the temperature, the remaining amount of water can be poured warmer or colder at the end).


Wheat sourdough 1

  • 195g T80
  • 195g Water
  •   10g Starter

DT: 26-28°C     Maturity time: 15 hours      

Wheat sourdough 2

  • 95g T65
  • 95g Water
  •    5g Starter

DT: 26-28°C     Maturity time: 15 hours 

Main dough:

  • 400g Mature sourdough 1
  •  195g Mature sourdough 2
  • 700g T65
  • 350g Water 4°C

Mix the ingredients and allow to stand for 45 minutes to autolyze.

  •   22g Salt
  • 130g Water (Mix in only after the dough has released from the side of the mixing bowl)


  • Add the salt to the autolyzed dough and knead until the dough releases from the side of the bowl. 
  • Then knead quickly for 1 minute and after this add the rest of the water on slow speed (before the water is mixed in the dough temperature should be checked since the additional water can be used to warm or cool the dough as necessary). 
  • To finish, knead the dough again until it is fully kneaded (window pane test)
  • Place the dough in an oiled tub after kneading and fold after 60 and 120 minutes. After the second fold, allow the dough to rise until it has almost doubled in size (about 3 hours)
  • Before we work with the dough, the oven needs to be preheated to 250°C.
  • To work up, the dough is carefully turned out onto a well floured work surface. Now the dough is cut off as desired and placed on baking paper/ linen cloth. 
  • The dough pieces are slid into the oven after a short final proof (about 30-40 minutes). They are baked with strong steam and constant heat. Depending on the size, baking time of about 17-19 minutes. 
  • In order to develop more crust, the remaining steam can be let out towards the end of the baking time.