Burger – Buns

Who doesn’t know the world-famous hamburger? A blog reader request, here is a recipe that is quick and easy for anyone to bake. In any case, it is worth baking more than needed because any buns that you don’t use right away can be frozen and thawed when needed. 

The burger bun should only be baked a short time (12-13) minutes so that it stays really soft. Through the use of oil and butter the crumb is cottony soft. In addition, you should only bake the buns once fully proofed. 

In order to get the sesame equally on the dough, I take a half proofed bun and spritz it with water then place the whole thing into the sesame seeds. Before you can press the dough pieces flat with your hand, which makes the form of the buns better and makes the pores of the crumb smaller and more even. 



  • 90g Rye Flour Type 960
  • 90g Water
  • 10g Starter

Hydration (TA): 200     DT:28-30°C       RT:15-20 Hours

(Those that would like can use wheat sourdough instead of rye sourdough)


  • 100g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 100g Water
  •   0,5g Yeast

Hydration (TA): 200         DT: 23-25°C       RT: 15 Hours

Main Dough:

  • 190g Mature sourdough
  • 205g Poolish
  • 500g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 140g Water
  • 100g Milk
  •   20g Honey (Granulated Sugar)
  •   15g Salt
  •     7g Yeast
  •     20g Sunflower Oil (Add only at the end of the mixing time)

Knead all of the ingredients into a smooth dough. After the mixing time the dough is rested for 20 minutes and then weighed out into 75g dough pieces. Roll the dough pieces into smooth rounds and place in a warm spot to rise, covered (the dough should be well floured on the bottom side so they don’t stick). 

When the dough is half proofed they are pressed with the flat of the hand and then spritzed with water. Place the whole piece into sesame seeds and then onto a baking tray. Once again cover and place in a warm spot to proof (the proof can also be done at 4 °C for 10 hours). 

Only once fully proofed are the buns placed in a 240°C oven with steam. The baking time should only take 13 minutes. The steam should be left in the oven during the entire baking time. 

After cooling the buns can be filled as you like.