Rustic Spelt Rolls

If I had a list of my favorite recipes, this one would be right at the top! This spelt roll is a showstopper in the bread roll department, and it’s easy for every beginner to bake.

They taste best well-browned and are the ideal pairing for wine & co. The soft crumb has fine pores and a highly aromatic taste, yet it’s surrounded by a crunchy crust. 

This recipe has been adjusted so that the predough can be made in the morning. The subsequent main dough is kneaded in the evening and spends the night in the fridge at 4°C.


Spelt water-roux:

  • 100g water (100°C)
  •   50g whole grain spelt flour

Pour boiling water onto the whole grain spelt flour and thoroughly mix. Then place in the fridge until you need to work with it. 

Spelt predough:

  • 100g water 4°C
  •   75g whole grain spelt flour
  • 0,5g yeast

Mix the ingredients and let rise at room temperature for 10-12 hours. 

Main dough:

  • 175g Mature spelt poolish
  • 150g Spelt water roux
  • 375g Spelt flour type 630
  • 230g Water 10°C
  •    12g Salt
  •    10g Finely ground psyllium husks
  •      7g Honey
  •      5g Yeast


  • Slowly knead all ingredients for 8 minutes and then knead quickly for 3-4 minutes.
    Place the dough into an oiled tub. 
  • After 45 minutes, fold the dough once and then place in the fridge at 4°C.
  • If the yeast quantity listed above was used, the dough can now remain in the fridge for 12-14 hours. If then rise time is extended to 20-24 hours, then it’s advisable to reduce the amount of yeast.
  • The next day, take the dough tub out of the fridge 1 hour before you want to start working with it. 
  • Preheat the oven to 250°C before you start working with the dough.
  • Heavily flour your work surface with rye flour and tip the dough out of the tub onto the surface. Using a bench scraped divide the dough into pieces of varying size as desired and place them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper (in my version I place the floured side on the baking tray).
  • Finally, you can sprinkle cumin salt on the spelt rolls as desired.
  • Let the rolls proof for 30 minutes and then bake at 250°C with strong steam.
  • The rolls are baked for c. 15-18 minutes (depending on size) at a constant temperature.