This thin, small and flat bread specialty is native to the South Tyrolean Vinschgau. For generations in Vinschgau, two small pieces of dough have been put together and baked as “Paarl” (couples) or individually as “Vinschgerl”. The couple was supposed to symbolize marriage in the farmhouse bakery.

The Vinschgerl are baked from mixed rye bread dough with a ratio of 80% rye flour and 20% wheat flour. However, since a sour taste is undesirable for Vinschgerl, only 10-20 percent of the rye flour is usually acidified. Normally an acidification of 35-40% would be used with a rye flour content of 80%. For reasons of taste, everyone should decide for themselves how much sourdough to add to their recipe.

Typical for Vinschgerl is the high hydration, this is usually not a big problem due to the simple work-up methods. Because of the high hydration of 190, the mixing time should be 10 minutes. The most commonly used spices for this recipe are caraway, fennel, and the black henbane- a native of the Vinschgau. 

The dry bulk rise creates a beautiful grain on the surface and underlines the rustic character of the pastry. The Vinschgerl are baked without steam at 250 ° C, reduced to 235 ° C for about 25 – 30 minutes. The finished baked goods should have a well-grained & crispy crust, because the long baking time gives you a fuller flavor. 



  • 120g Rye Flour Type 960
  • 100g Water
  •     3g Starter

TA: 183 RT: 15- 20 hours DT: 27-28°C

Main Dough:

  • 223g mature Sourdough
  • 280g Rye Flour Type 960
  • 100g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 350g Water
  •    10g Sea Salt
  •      5g Hefe
  •      3g ground Caraway
  •      3g ground Fennel

TA: 190 RT: 30 minutes DT: 28-30°C

Mix all ingredients on slow for 10 minutes into a dough. This should be covered and left in a warm spot to mature for 30 minutes. After the adhered to dough maturity, 60g dough pieces are weighed out from the dough bowl. Form these into loose and round flats and place immediately on baking paper (the baking paper has the benefit of making it easier to shuffle the dough onto the preheated baking stone once they are fully proofed).

After forming, the dough pieces should be generously dusted with flour. This makes it easier to recognize when the Vinschgerl are fully proofed. 

Bake the Vinschgerl at  250°C reducing it to 235°C with steam. Due to the high hydration of 190, the baking time should not be less than 25 minutes.

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