Black Forest Landbrot

The Black Forest Landbrot is a mixed wheat bread with a strong crust and a light and mildly sour taste. In order to get a strong and hearty crust, the bread was baked for the first 15 minutes at 250°C.

Just after the strong initial baking phase is the oven temperature reduced to 190°C. In order to reach a total baking time of 45 minutes I ended up propping the oven door open slightly. From the opening of the oven door the oven temperature sinks to 190°C much faster.

Normally a rye sourdough and a wheat pre-dough are used for the basic recipe. I ended up exchanging the wheat pre-dough for a wheat sourdough for improved taste. 

Particularly on the following day the flavors of the wheat sourdough really came into their own while the flavors from the pre-dough drifted more into the background. 

Recommended quantities of wheat sourdough:

  • Dosage amount- 5%
  1. Wheat rolls
  2. Baguette
  • Dosage amount -7.5% after cooling  (interrupted fermentation)
  1. Wheat rolls
  2. Baguette
  3. White bread
  4. Toast bread
  5. Mixed wheat bread
  • Dosage amount- 10% for direct production
  1. Mixed wheat rolls
  2. Baguette
  3. White bread
  4. Toast bread
  5. Mixed wheat bread


Rye Sourdough:

  • 190g Rye Flour Type 960
  • 190g Water
  •   20g Starter

DT: 25-28°C RT: 18 hours TA: 200

Wheat Sourdough:

  • 90g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 90g Water
  • 20g Starter

DT: 28°C RT: 15-18 hours    TA: 200

Main Dough:

  • 400g Rye sourdough
  • 200g Wheat sourdough
  • 350g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 350g Wheat Flour Type 1600
  • 350g Water
  •   22g Sea salt
  •      7g Yeast

Mix all ingredients with the sourdoughs for 7 minutes on slow speed. Then knead for a further 3-4 minutes on fast speed. I switched off the machine just before the dough released from the side of the bowl. After the kneading phase a 60 minute rest follows.

After the dough maturity the dough is divided into 3 equal sized pieces and formed into round loaves. These loaves are now rested for 20 minutes covered. Now the relaxed doughs are formed into oblong loaves and placed into proofing baskets with the seam side up. 

Once ¾ proofed the breads are turned out onto a bread peel and are then scored with a razor blade 1 cm deep down the length of the loaf. Slide into the oven at 250°C with strong steam and only after 15 minutes reduce the oven temperature to 190°C . In order to appreciate the full flavor of the bread, the total baking time should not be less than 45 minutes.

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