Bauernbrot “tumbled”

With this loaf I tried to bring together a few ideas at once and one of those was the processing of the dough. After mixing and rising, the bread dough is simply placed in a floured bread basket and formed into a round loaf by tumbling it several times. 

This method is especially recommended for beginners, since the bread can be mixed with a higher hydration and despite this the shaping is easy.

I was amazed when I looked at the crumb. It was loose, elastic and yet compact and the pores were exactly as they should be.

When baking I had expected more cracks to appear in the crust, when this didn’t happen in the first several minutes I simply let the rest of the steam out of the oven- with success!

I want to try out a few things with this recipe! So I used two different sourdoughs to get a well-rounded flavor. 

Characteristic of the use of two sourdoughs is the hearty and aromatic taste. Since when using wheat and rye sourdoughs you can vary the flavor contributions and improve the shelf-life. 


Rye Sourdough / Two-Stage Process:

1st Stage: Foundation Sour

  •   10g Starter
  •   50g Water
  • 100g Rye Flour Type 960

Hydration (TA):150   DT: 23-27°C  Maturity time: 15-24 hours

2nd Stage: Full Sour

  • 160g Foundation Sour
  • 145g Water
  • 145g Rye Flour Type 960

Hydration(TA):180   DT: 31°C  Maturity time: 3 hours

Wheat Sourdough:

  •   10g Starter
  • 145g Water
  • 145g Wheat Flour Type 1600

Hydration(TA): 200    DT: 25-28°C  Maturity time: 14-16 hours

Bread Soaker:

  •   70g leftover bread (not dried)
  • 130g Water

Main Dough:

  • 450g mature Rye Sourdough
  • 300g mature Wheat Sourdough
  • 200g Bread Soaker
  • 300g Rye Flour Type 960
  • 190g Wheat Flour Type 700
  • 150g hot  water (50-60°C)
  •   20g Sea Salt
  •     5g Bread Spice

Mix all the ingredients at a slow speed.

After the mixing time the dough should be covered and placed in a warm spot to rise for 45 minutes. 

In the meantime, flour a proofing basket and preheat the oven to 250°C.

Now the bread dough is removed from the dough bowl and placed in the proofing basket. With repeated “tumbling”, the dough is formed into a round loaf.

The final proof only takes about 45-60 minutes due to the light shaping and the use of two sourdoughs!

The loaf is baked at 250°C with steam/ reduce temperature after 5 minutes to 200°C.

Depending on the appearance and baking behavior, the steam can be let out after 2 minutes. If more cracks in the crust are desired, the steam should only be released after 5-6 minutes.

The total baking time should take at least 70 minutes.