French Meringue


  • 300g egg whites
  • 300g fine granulated sugar
  •  150g powdered sugar
  •    10g wheat starch
  •         + dark chocolate to decorate (e.g. Robe Noire)


  • Sieve the powdered sugar and the wheat starch.
  • Beat the egg whites and half the granulated sugar until its stiff
  • However, before the egg mixture is completely beaten, add in the rest of the sugar while beating. CAREFUL: Once the rest of the sugar has been added in, you can’t beat the mixture for much longer. 
  • Finally, manually mix in the sieved powdered sugar and wheat starch.
  • Using a star-shaped nozzle, squeeze out 12 cm long meringues.
  • Bake in a dry oven at 95°C
  • After baking, you can decorate the meringues with chocolate.