Linzer Crescent Cookies

Ingredients for spritz cookies:

  • 280g Wheat flour Type 480
  • 220g Soft butter
  •   90g Powdered sugar
  •    15g Wheat starch
  •    50g Whole egg (1)
  •    40g Yolk (2)
  •         + orange zest/lemon zest
  •         + A pinch of salt


  • Mix the softened butter, powdered sugar, salt, and citrus zest until creamy. 
  • Sieve together the flour and wheat starch.
  • Slowly mix in the whole egg and yolks to the butter mixture. 
  • Once this is fully mixed in, the flour mixture can then be mixed in by hand with a rubber spatula or cooking spoon. 
  • Using a star nozzle on a piping bag, pipe onto baking paper. 
  • The spritz cookies are baked at 175°C.

After baking, allow them to cool and use jam to hold them together. Then dip into melted and tempered chocolate (Tip: if the Robe-noire chocolate is too firm it can be thinned a bit with a small amount of sunflower oil- don’t use water to thin the chocolate!).