Grill Baguette

With its floury crust, the Grill Baguette is a typical mediterranean bread that fits every occasion! The wheat sourdough lends the bread a light sour note and the addition of the poolish gives rise to a rounded flavor. 

This recipe uses Ruchmehl for the wheat sourdough. With a dough hydration (TA) of 200, the sourdough is somewhat firmer and can therefore develop more aroma. To intensify the yeast activity of a Ruchmehl sourdough, the TA can be increased to 220-230.

Since I had mature polish left over from a previous recipe, I simply mixed this into the main dough. To get an aromatic poolish, I recommend a maturation time of 36-48 hours. In order to keep the poolish from oversouring, yet make sure it remains stable over this long time period, it must be stored in the fridge. Since small quantities of predough cool quickly to 4°C in the fridge, you should let the poolish mature beforehand for 3-4 hours at room temperature (A 20-30% growth in volume before the cool phase is ideal).



  • 100g wheat flour type 700
  • 100g water 4°C
  •      1g yeast

Mix all ingredients until smooth and let ripen for 3-4 hours at room temperature. As mentioned above, the volume of the poolish should increase by 20-30%. Then store the poolish in the fridge at 4°C – maturation time 20-48 hours. During this time the poolish should not fall back onto itself – this is the only way to ensure flawless aroma. 

Wheat sourdough:

  • 100g Ruchmehl
  • 100g water (35-40°C)
  •   10g starter

DT: 28°C    Maturity time: 12 hours

Thoroughly mix all ingredients and then let rise for 12 hours at room temperature. 

Main dough:

  • 350g Italian flour tipo 00
  • 150g Ruchmehl
  • 450g water 10°C

Mix the flour and water and let autolyze for 2-3 hours.

  • 201g mature poolish
  • 210g mature wheat sour
  •    14g salt


  • Slowly mix the autolyzed dough,  poolish, wheat sour and salt. Then knead quickly until the dough cleanly falls away from the side of the mixing bowl (depending on your kneading machine, this can take 5-12 minutes). Once the dough has entirely fallen away from the side of the bowl, mix quickly for one more minute – this adds stability to the dough structure.
  • Place the dough in a tub that has been brushed with olive oil. 
  • Fold after 60 and 120 minutes and then let it rise in the fridge for 3 hours. 
  • Remove the dough from the fridge and let it acclimate for 30 minutes. Tip the dough onto a floured work surface and form into a square. Divide the dough lengthwise into three pieces of equal size. 
  • Fold the long edges of the  together and then place seamside-down on a piece of baking paper. When you are setting them down, make sure they form elongated baguettes (the basic shape of the baguette should have been established when dividing the dough – shaping it carefully is the only way to preserve the crumb structure).
  • Let the baguettes proof after shaping.
  • The Grill Baguettes are baked with steam at 250°C. Reduce the oven temperature to  210°C after ten minutes. 
  • Total baking time c. 30-35 minutes